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Completed Lonely Prompts (from just before the contest)

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you're having fun writing for the contest. As some encouragement, take a peek at the Lonely Prompts we've had over the past week or so.

CWRPS, Jared/Jensen/JDM/Misha/Chris/Steve/CMM/Tom/Mike, drunken karaoke
RPS, priest!JDM/author's choice(s), the power and the pain
RPS, Jared/Jensen, I Melt by Rascal Flatts

Kane RPS
RPS, winged!Chris/Steve, sunny rain
RPS, Chris/Steve/Jeff, late night
RPS, Winged!Chris/Steve, let me look after you
RPS, winged!Chris/Steve, learn to touch heaven
RPS, Chris/author's choice, gold thong
RPS, Chris/Steve, While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Leverage, Eliot/Hardison, amnesia
Leverage, De-aged Eliot/Sophie, shoe shopping
Leverage, Parker/Hardison, "White and Nerdy" by Weird Al
Leverage, Sorcerer!Alec/Knight!Eliot, Toys that move by themselves
Leverage, Eliot/Sterling, dealing with Coyote
Leverage, Nate/Eliot, "The One I Want" by Steve Carlson
Leverage, wee!Eliot/Nate, "I don't need a teddy bear, I just want a teddy bear."
Leverage, Demon!Eliot/Hardison, "It was a little too rough-- that's how he knew"
Leverage, Elliot/Hardison, Could you stop eating your ice cream like that?
Leverage, De-aged Eliot/Nate, official documents
Leverage, Sterling & team, "Television. Television is the explanation for this - you see this in bad television. Little assault guys creeping through the vents, coming in through the ceiling - that James Bond shit never happens in real life! Professionals don't do that! " (Boondock Saints)
Leverage, steampunk!au, "Leverage, says you. I think I feel a change in the wind, says I." (Pirates of the Carribean)

SGA RPS, Richard Dean Anderson/Michael Shanks, author's choice

Dark Angel
Dark Angel, Max/Alec, sparring practice

Dollhouse, Topher/anyone, blackmail
Dollhouse, Claire/Adelle, pressed for time
Dollhouse, Topher/evil-imprint!Whiskey, trapped
Dollhouse, Claire/Adelle, "Harder, now, please."
Dollhouse, top!Claire/Adelle, "Make me."
Dollhouse, Adelle/Claire, raw sugar
Dollhouse, Adelle/Claire, shiver
Dollhouse, Topher, To get back at Topher for making her run one too many pointless errands, Ivy imprints a Doll (whichever you like, male or female) with the personality of Topher himself as a child, who insists on following their "big brother" around and asking questions.

Eureka, Carter/Stark, SGA (Nathan went in the first wave S1, Jack followed with the 'relief' marines S2)

Firefly, Simon/Kaylee, engine room
Firefly, Mal/Inara, hot candle wax
Firefly, Mal/Kaylee, "She ain't no bad ship."
Firefly, whole crew, Leverage!AU - the crew as the team from Leverage

House, Wilson/Amber/Sub!House, AU - One year anniversary of the arrangement and how all three of them are happy, House most of all
House MD, House/Wilson, The first time Wilson thought of House while... "flying solo"
House, House/Wilson, water
House, House/Wilson, paperwork
House, House/Amber, "It's not sexual harassment if we no longer work together."
House, House/Wilson, forced
House, House/Wilson, visiting (POV of Mayfield patient/staff member)

Star Trek
Star Trek(movie), Spock/Uhura, The celebration of archaic Earth traditions and the giving of chocolate. (Valentine's Day)

Star Wars
Star Wars Episode II, Anakin/Amidala, laughter

XF, Mulder/author's choice, seeing colors

SGA, John/Rodney, Rodney's smile is as rare as finding a four-leaf clover
SGA, John/Teyla, forget me not
SGA, Teyla/author's choice, "The first time I laughed for real."
SGA, John/Ronon/Teyla, fireworks

Stargate SG1, Jack O'Neill/Jack Carter/Sam Carter, Eureka

Supernatural, Sam & Dean + female!Sam & female!Dean, Dimensional Rift (So you're me - but with breasts? Cool!)
Supernatural, Sam & Re-aged!Dean, "What's this?"
Supernatural, Sam & wee!Dean, sugar rush
Supernatural, Dean & girl!Sam, still the same Sam
Supernatural, Sam, Sober by Pink
Supernatural, Sam & Wee!Dean, wee!Dean doesn't like people flirting with his brother
Supernatural, Dean/Impala-in-human-form, he doesn't know who she is until after they sleep together

X-Men/X-Men Origins RPS
RPS, succubus!Hugh/Taylor, Everything I am you can have (absolute submission)

Bones, Zack, everything is wrong
In Plain Sight, Marshal/Mary, taste of chocolate on your lips
NCIS, Gibbs/DiNozzo, *Fix You* Coldplay
Numb3rs, Don/Charlie, danger
Veronica Mars, Veronica/Logan, Brothel
Veronica Mars, Veronica/Logan, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Veronica Mars, Logan/Mac, This is wrong but, I'm not sorry
Veronica Mars, Veronica/Logan, Veronica ogling shirtless Logan
Without a Trace, Danny/Martin, muzzle flash

RPS/Leverage, goth!steve/goth!chris/were!nate, I think he's laughing AT you...
Leverage/AtS, Eliot/Lindsey, "Love You or Leave You" by Steve Carlson
Leverage/Torchwood, Eliot/Ianto, "I'm gonna try real hard not to be insecure that the office assistant shoots better than I do." -- "I thought you don't like guns." -- "Doesn't mean I shouldn't be the better shot."
Leverage/Castle, Nate/Rick, banter
Leverage/007, Eliot Spencer/James Bond, some like it hot
SPN/Dead Like Me, Tessa /& Author's choice, Gravlings
Torchwood/Heroes, Ianto/Sylar, suffering
Twilight/Interview with a Vampire, Edward Cullen/Lestat, One happy family
HIMYM/House, Chase/Sub!Barney, War of the Pretty-Haired Blonds.
HIMYM/House, Barney/dark!Wilson, secret, destructive relationship
HIMYM/House, Barney/dark!Wilson, sold
HIMYM/House, Barney/Foreman and Barney/dark!Wilson, Foreman finds out
X-Men/AtS, Remy/Lindsey, you 10 o'clock appointment (Lilah POV)


HIMYM, Ted & Barney, let's do something crazy
HIMYM, Marshall/Lily/Barney, Bubblebaths
HIMYM, Marshall/Lily/Sub!Barney, Catching Barney cooking in the nude. "So that's what's under the suit... you really are a natural blond."
HIMYM, Marshall/Sub!Barney, Fingering, The first time Marshall caught him masturbating at work.
HIMYM, Barney/Robin, telling her (rejection angst, please :P hehe)
HIMYM, Barney/Robin, "if you EVER cheat on me..."
HIMYM, Dark!Shannon/Granola!Barney, The things you do for love when you're twenty-three and lonely
HIMYM, Lily/Sub!Barney, During "World's Greatest Couple"... Pegging... "Tonight, you're the wife."
HIMYM, Lily/Barney, "They're not dresses... they're evening gowns!" Lily discovers Barney's crossdressing ways and offers to help him out.
Jeeves and Wooster, (dark)Jeeves/Bertie, scars
Strachey Mysteries, Don/Timmy, home
X-Men, Pyro/Iceman, chains
X-men, Remy/female!Logan, over-protectiveness is...sometimes appreciated
X-Men, Logan/Remy, open your eyes (I'm still right here)
Escaflowne, Hitomi/Van, stay with me
Shelter, Shaun/Zach, mine now
Author's choice, author's choice, "Two genders? Really? I would have assumed there are at least five."
Ouran High School Host Club, Kyoya/Tamaki, France
Death Note, Light/L, closed-circuit tv voyeurism
FFX, Auron/Jecht, first time guardian
Death Note, Light, Get out alive by Three Days' Grace
Invaders, Bucky/Toro, practice
DCU, Dick Grayson/anyone, life as a gypsy
DCU/Marvel, Oliver Queen/Clint Barton, the better archer
Marvel, Clint Barton/Bucky Barnes, "No, I'm in charge!"
DCU, Dick Grayson/Jason Todd, "You play the victim and I'll be the bad guy"
DCU, Tim Drake (Robin III) / Kon-El (Superboy), Meiko, Piano Song (Lyrics)
DCU, Roy Harper/Steph Brown, her baby daddy
DCU, Roy Harper/Dick Grayson, bros before hos
DCU, Roy Harper/Connor Hawke, finding myself: "I remember wanting you."
Marvel, Bobbi(Mockingbird)/Clint(Ronin)/Bucky(Captain America), Give me a reason to fall in love
Marvel, Clint Barton/Bucky Barnes, metal arm fetish
The Authority, Apollo/Midnighter, sexy
CDP, Cable/Deadpool, porn just isn't good enough anymore
Dr. Horrible, Penny/Billy, He was her bitch and didn't mind at all.
Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, Billy/Penny, Hoodie of the Month Club
Dr. Horrible, Billy/Penny, Dislocated shoulder. Penny's reaction to seeing Billy's arm in a sling again
Dr. Horrible, Penny/Sub!Billy, Dom/Sub relationship... AU... She had wept when he begged her to tie him to the bed the first time. It freaked her out how much easier it got after that
Dr. Horrible, Billy/Penny, He was out of change for his laundry... here, she said... and that was their first magical meeting.
Dr. Horrible's sinaglong Blog/Rent, Billy/Mark, because I'm the one of us to survive

Narnia, Peter/Susan, "Did you really just say that to the ambassador? Aslan's teeth, Edmund's going to kill you."
Harry Potter, Ginny/Luna, wet
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, feast
Merlin, Merlin/Arthur, Merlin's dreams start coming outside of his head
Merlin, girl!Merlin/Arthur, teaching Arthur submission
World of Warcraft, Bolvar Fordragon/Saurfang the Younger, "for tomorrow we die!"
Harry Potter, Sirius/Lily, undercover Muggle
Harry Potter, Lily/James, No Heaven by DJ Champion

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