classicist lass (classics_lover) wrote in comment_fic,
classicist lass

Thank the gods it's Friday :D

Merry Friday, my doves. Today is my last day as your host (*pauses for the disappointed Awwwws*) and today is a favourite theme of mine: Film Quotes. Pick a quote from a film, pick a fandom and apply one to the other. Have fun!

The Rules still haven't changed, and are as follows:

No more than five prompts in a row
If your prompt is filled you may prompt again
No more than Three prompts in the same fandom
No spoilers in prompts
If your fill contains spoilers please Warn and leave plenty of space

Prompts should be formatted as follows:

Fandom, Character/character, prompt

Some examples to get the ball rolling:

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, Skye + any Avenger, "I'm glad he's single, 'cause I'm going to climb that like a tree."

Any, any + any, "Oh, my God! How do you walk away in a movie without flinching when it explodes behind them? There's no way! I call bullshit on that! When they flew the Millennium Falcon outside of the Death Star, and it was followed by the explosion, that was bullshit!"

"Don't you dare badmouth Star Wars! That was all accurate!"

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