Nev (nevcolleil) wrote in comment_fic,

Monday: Taglines and Theme Songs

Good morning, everyone! I'm nevcolleil, your guest host for the week. I hope you had a fun Fourth of July weekend if you're here in the States (and a fun weekend all the same if you're not!) Today's theme is Taglines and Theme Songs. Your prompts must be the taglines from movies, tv shows or books OR lyrics from theme songs.

Our Rules:

♥ No more than 5 prompts at a time.

♥ Only 3 prompts per fandom.

♥ No spoilers in the prompt. If there are spoilers in your fill, warn and leave space.

Some examples of today's theme:

+ Burn Notice, Michael, No More Mr. Nice Spy (Chuck Season 3 Tagline)

+ Chuck, Bryce(/Chuck), There was never just one. (The Bourne Identity tagline)

+ Any, any, "I been waitin' to smile / been holding it in for a while / I'll take you with me if I can / been dreamin' of this since a child..." (Partners theme song)

Not feeling today's theme? Check out our Lonely Prompts Archive and fill an old prompt. For more recent prompts, you can also use LJ's advanced search options to limit keyword results to only comments in this community.

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