Havenward (havenward) wrote in comment_fic,

Request for Help: Contest Counter

Hey everyone! Sorry for the delay in announcing last week's winner and making the art available - real life has gotten in the way. To solve the issue, we've decided to look for someone to help us out in the future.

We need someone dependable. The Lonely Prompt contests run every second and fourth week of the month, and the person counting would need to commit to that. If something comes up where it cannot be completed, the person would need to be responsible enough to notify one of the mods immediately.

Counting needs to be completed as quickly as possible, preferably on Monday (other options can be discussed). The results need to be sent to either amara_m or myself so that we can notify the artist for that weekend as quickly as possible.

The person counting must also be trustworthy. That sounds obvious but we cannot stress this enough. The person will be responsible for checking that all the submissions to make sure that they were written during the contest period as well as accurately recording them. Falsifying results will not be tolerated.

If you're interested in volunteering, please comment with your email address. We will contact you with more complete instructions.
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