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exit stage left

hi everyone,

i'm one of the mods here at comment_fic, but in light of recent questions and concerns, it's become clear to me that i just don't have the time to devote to this comm and maintain it the way it needs to be. the delicious archive is a mess, not having been updated since before i took over it seems, and i originally wanted to look into moving it somewhere else, but life happened as it tends to and that was one thing that fell through the cracks and i apologize for that.

so. here's what's going to happen. the current mod/maintainer team consists of cashay, enochia, evil_little_dog, simplyn2deep, theeverdream, and zelda_addict. it's up to them if one of them or all of them want to continue working as a mod/maintainer and take over my place as owner of the comm. i'm sure they'll need volunteers to help out with the transition and maybe become mods, so if you have any interest, let us know in the comments that you're willing to lend a hand. it would be much appreciated.

it's been fun. i've read a lot of great fics here and wrote a lot of fics here, but sadly, LJ seems to be a dying platform for fandom and this comm just doesn't seem to get the amount of traffic it used too. (i've seen posts with 2000+ comments. now we're lucky to break 100+). and that's to be expected. fandom is an evolving organism and things change. it's all good.

if there's no interest in keeping this comm going with the daily posts, then i'll keep the comm open because i don't want anyone to lose any fics they love/wrote, but there won't be anymore posts. feel free to fill older prompts though. the delicious archive most likely will stay the same as it is now, unless someone(s) just want to clean it up, even without the comm.

the floor is open for discussion.

thank you for the all words. i'm sorry i just don't have the time to give this comm because it is one of my favorites and i did a lot of my best work here.
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