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mods/volunteers/tagging system

so there have been several great suggestions about what to do with the backlog and tagging issues, so i thought i'd throw up a quick poll, so the mods that take over can see the preferred method to deal with that.

Poll #1978546 tagging

which platform to you want to see the tagging system moved to?

GDocs Spreadsheet
Old Delicious
New Delicious

please vote!

now there are several people willing to become mods and help out with the tagging system for the prompts.

the current mod team is still cashay, enochia, evil_little_dog, simplyn2deep, theeverdream, and zelda_addict. mods, i'd like to hear from you and if you'd still be interested in being a mod, if you didn't comment on the previous post. thanks!

simplyn2deep is willing to take over my place as owner. ideally, i think two-three head mods would be awesome, so if one or two can't take care of modly duties for RL reasons or whatever, there's always someone else to depend on. then the modding team.

evil_little_dog is still willing to be a mod.

classics_lover has offered to be a co-mod.

angelus2hot has expressed interest in being a mod.
lanalucy has offered to set up a gdoc spreadsheet for the unfilled/filled prompts if that's the way the comm goes.
zippitgood offered to help maintain the gdoc spreadsheet.
gehayi seems willing to help with gdocs as well.
yuidirnt has offered to create a new delicious account for the prompts.
matrixrefugee has offered to help with a new delicious.
lynne_monstr has offered to help index prompts on whatever platform they end up on.
zelda_addict is willing to help index prompts.
raktajinos is willing to help index prompts.
samueljames has offered to buy the comm a pinboard account for the prompts.

i would still being willing to help index prompts too. modding is just way too much for me, but indexing a section of prompts is much more manageable for me right now.

another user suggested moving from daily themes to weekly themes, so here's another poll about that.

should we keep the daily themes or move to weekly themes?


i'm trying to get everything organized as much as possible before the next modding team takes over, so mods, if you haven't responded, i'd really like to know if you want to stay a mod or not. thanks!
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