Amara (ravensword) wrote in comment_fic,

Announcement! Winner (s) of Last Weeks Lonely Prompt Challenge

At long last I've managed to get everything counted up. Sorry for the long delay, it's just been that sort of week! And next week is going to be even worse, so I apologize now.

This contest saw 190 prompts written.

Taking first prize was shiny_glor_chan who answered a whopping 29 prompts.

As soon as I can get around to it, shiny_glor_chan will also get 2 months paid LJ time. (It may be friday though, as money's a little tight this week)

And we have two honorable mentions this time around, because both wrote over 20 prompts!

Congratulations, all of you. And thanks everyone for working so hard to write those lonely prompts!
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