classicist lass (classics_lover) wrote in comment_fic,
classicist lass

Merry Tuesday, All!

Hi-ho everyone, classics_lover here, your friendly neighbourhood guest host for the week. Today's theme comes from one of my favourite sites, Texts From Last Night. Pick yourself a text, pick a fandom, put them together and see what fics are inspired :)

The Rules, as ever:
+ No more than five prompts in a row (if your prompt is filled you may prompt again)
+ No more than three prompts in a row per fandom
+ No spoilers in prompts until one month after air date. If your fill contains spoilers please warn and leave plenty of space.
+ If necessary use LJ's [Spoiler (click to open)]spoiler cut
+ Have fun

To get the ball rolling, here's some examples:
~ MCU, Tony Stark + any, Yeah I would come and meet you but there's 3 polish girls yelling at a drunk polish guy in the carpark outside. They just dumped a whole pizza over his head and I want to see where this ends...

~ Hercules: the Legendary Journeys, any/any, I still don't know his name but his ass is spectacular. Like he should never wear pants.

Theme tag = Texts From Last Night

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