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Good Wednesday Evening to You!

Apologies for the late entry, all, it is I, classics_lover your host for the week, and tonight's theme is Out Of Context. Ever walk in on people right in the middle of a conversation and wish you knew what had been said before? Ever have someone take a fragment of something you said and used it out of context to make a point? Let's do this to our favourite characters, shall we?

The RULES as always:
+ No more than five prompts per person. If your prompt gets a fill you may prompt again.
+ No more than three prompts in a row for one fandom.
+ No spoilers in prompts (if necessary use [Spoiler cut]the spoiler cut ) for one month after release
+ If fills contain spoilers then please WARN and leave plenty of space

Some examples to get the ball rolling:
+ MCU, author's choice + author's choice + author's choice, "I said nothing about a gimp mask!" "I - um - ok, wow... Awkward!"
+ Any spy fandom, author's choice, "I wish I hadn't walked in on that particular conversation right then."
+ Author's choice, author's choice, "But you said-" "Yeah but I meant it differently!" "But you said it!"

Theme tag= Out of Context

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