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Quarterly Contest Announcement

It's that time again, time for our quarterly contest.

The contest period runs from midnight last night through 11:59 on 6/30. I meant to get this post up last night, but I forgot.

This time around we're focusing on Lonely Prompts. The big prize will go to the person who answers the most lonely prompts. There will be other prizes too...but we're not telling you what they're for...muahahahahahahahaha. *ahem* Sorry about that. The evil slipped out.

For the purposes of this contest, only prompts that were left prior to this week will count. Keep track of what you write. On Friday we will make a post for you to link your completed prompts in, along with the format to leave them in.

The format for telling us what you've written will be important if you want to be considered for any of the other prizes. We won't be bugging you to fix them, you get one shot to be included in all of the prize categories.

Sound like fun?

Also, we could use one or two more helpful helpers to aid us in the counting of contest entries. Ability to copy and paste information into an Excel spreadsheet is required. Please contact myself or havenward if you're interested in helping out.
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