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A Post Of Modliness

I have a few things to address this morning regarding some issues and complaints that have arisen in recent weeks.

1) Your mods and code monkeys work hard to make the behind the scenes part of this comm work. We're all volunteers, we all do this for the love of the comm and we all spend hours each and every week tending our duties. Respect for that commitment when corresponding with any of us is requested.

2) If you have a complaint about the way the comm works, a suggestion for improvement or other modly sorts of ideas, please contact one of the mods or email us at Do not use the comm as a way to air your grievances. The comm is for prompts and fic, not mile long threads of complaints.

3) If you raise an issue, I promise you that it will be discussed among the mods and when necessary, brought to the comm for a vote. We want the community to thrive, and we value your feedback, we are not dictators here...just a group of writers trying to create a playground for our fellow writers to play in.

4) If you have a problem that your fandom is under-represented here, by all means invite others to prompt. If your fandom has prompts and no writers, by all means invite others here to write. The "top dog" of fandoms varies, sometimes from day to day, sometimes dependent on the theme. Yes, you're gonna find a lot of Supernatural and a lot of Leverage, because the group of writers that started this comm came from those fandoms. You'll find a ridiculous amount of House and Merlin and Primeval and How I Met Your Mother and fandoms I don't begin to understand at all as well. We are well and truly multi-fandom, but it is not our job to seek out writers for your prompts or prompters for your fandoms.

5) The Lonely Prompts continue to be an issue. Contrary to what I've seen someone say, lonely prompts are not "leftovers" in the sense that they are not as good as those from the same day that were answered. They simply didn't strike anyone at the time. There are some really awesome lonely prompts out there.

6) We are not going to tell people what they can and cannot prompt or write. If the AU stuff is not to your liking, move along and try something else. Yes, there are a lot of AU verses that have been born here. Yes there are a lot of prompts that feed those AUs. This would be because those AUs are liked by the readers. You don't have to like them. Heaven knows I don't care for all of them. Skip over them and move on to the next prompt. With 6 to 9 pages of prompts everyday, I'm sure that you'll find something to write and if you don't, there's always lonely prompts or you could prompt a few of your own.

On the other side of that, if one of those AU prompts does strike you, jump on in. There's nothing saying you can't write it too.

7) If you want to help beyond prompting and writing and recruiting new folks, we encourage you to volunteer to help with graphics or with code monkeying. Openings come up from time to time, as you can see by the calls for new ones, and it's nice to have a list to draw from. Just remember the time commitment is heavy on code monkeys, and while we are looking for ways to make it easier, it is still a lot of very manual coding. Also, we need people who are willing to help us run contests, which will include counting entries via spreadsheets and the like.

8) We want this comm to be fun. If it stops being fun, we stop doing it. Help us keep this fun.

9) Paypal donations are accepted to help defray the costs of the contest prizes. Paypal to

10) I'll close with the same message I opened with. Respect the people who put the work into this comm. Respect the fact that our rules weren't born in a vaccuum, and our policies are informed by the community that we serve. We can't please everyone. It's impossible. But we do listen and we do try to make the comm as happy as we can.

Thank you for listening.

Remember, the contest closed at 11:59pm last night. You have until the weekend to get all of your entries in, if you haven't already. That is when I hope to get our team to counting.
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