Lizet Elaine (simplyn2deep) wrote in comment_fic,
Lizet Elaine


Hello everyone!

As you all know, this community relies a lot on guest hosts to keep up a theme for the day, so here's your chance to give back!

Sign up to be a guest host! All you need to do is leave the following in comments and you'll be given a guest host week!

Who: Your LJ name (no link please and this is case-sensitive; please put it as it is in your url)
How: Reminder messages are sent out the weekend before your scheduled week, how would you like this message delivered: via PM or e-mail? If e-mail, please leave it here or PM it to me
When: What week you'd like. Can also be next available.
What: Your themes (Be sure to give 5 of them as themes are now done Monday-Friday)

First available week is January 5-9, 2015 and the rest of the calendar will filled in accordingly. Lonely Prompt Week will happen the last week of March, June, September and December. December's can be a full month again if the community is up for it.

If you are unavailable during certain times, please let us know and you will be scheduled accordingly.

If you would also like to be a pinch-hitter, you can fill out the same form and where it says when, put pinch hitter. Also, be sure to include your 5 themes. If you signed up to pinch-hit last year and were never used, I have brought you over to 2015.

Behind the "spoiler" tag are a list of dates and those who have signed up for them. The list currently goes to the beginning of August, but that doesn't mean you can't sign up for anything beyond that. All dates with user are available for claiming.

November 9-13, 2015: dreamsofspike
November 16-20, 2015: leni_ba
November 23-27, 2015: doreyg
November 30-December 4, 2015: reeby10
December 7-11, 2015: oh_mcgee
December 14-19, 2015: simplyn2deep
December 21-25, 2015: LONELY PROMPTS WEEK
December 28, 2015-January 1, 2016: tigriswolf

All remaining dates for this year have been filled and requesting is closed.

Check for a new Guest Host Sign-Up post on or around December 28.

You can use this entry template for when you post, which is also available in the links on the sidebar and will be sent to you in the reminder messages the weekend before you host.

Please make sure that you are an actual member of the community and not just watching it. Only members can be granted community posting access. You don't have to be a member to leave/fill a prompt.

If you have any questions, you can leave them here or PM me.
Tags: !be a guest host

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