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Trying something different from the month of lonely prompts and taking the suggestion a few people have left.

March 23-27 is Lonely Prompts Week and it will be a challenge week! I'm still working on the specific details for what each day's challenge will be, but I'm trying to make it easy just to see how this works out.

The same goes for the "prizes". If there are any graphics makers out there who would be willing to make banners or icons, please comment here so I can get with you about what I'd like done.

The tentative schedule for Lonely Prompts Week is this:

[Spoiler (click to open)]Monday, March 23: Fill as many prompts from the same month as you can.

Tuesday, March 24: Fill as many prompts as you can where a female character is the focus of the fill.

Wednesday, March 25: Fill as many prompts as you can that were left during a specific season. By that I mean, a specific 3 month period which a specific season is attributed to it.
For the northern hemisphere that would be:
Spring is March - May
Summer is June - August
Autumn is September - November
Winter is December - February

For the southern hemisphere that would be:
Summer is December - March
Fall is March - June
Winter is June - September
Spring is September – December

Thursday, March 26: Fill as many prompts as you can that were left in your birth month for any year. (Please try to pick a different month than what you chose for Monday's challenge)

Friday, March 27: Fill as prompts as you can that was left in any Free-For-All post

Many thanks to [personal profile] oneill at [community profile] fic_promptly for the idea for the daily themes.

If you have any questions or need clarification on this, please leave them here. Unfortunately, the option for searching for lonely prompts is still the same as it was in December.

eta: there seemed to have been something wonky with the specific layout we had so we're going to be "plain" for a while until I can find something else for us to use.
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