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New Archiving System

Hey guys! Lately we've been looking into alternate ways to archive our prompts, and we've finally come to a decision. Today was the first day that a theme was coded into the community Delicious account. That means that yesterday's theme will not show up in our usual indexes.

Instead, it will be found here: http://delicious.com/commentfic

A few quick notes:

We are still in the process of transferring what we need to over to Delicious. That means we will not be sorting for completed Lonely Prompts until the transition is done. Not everything on the account will properly represent what is here on the comm. We are doing our best to iron things out and get settled in as quickly as possible. Please be patient with us!

We will not be transferring over the old completed prompt indexes. Those will still be available on codemonkeys as linked here in the side bar.

We will be transferring over Lonely Prompts. This is going to be done in chunks over time. You can continue to find the lonely prompt indexes here, and when the index you're looking for has disappeared, check the Delicious account.
Eta: Please continue to answer Lonely Prompts as you're inspired - what I mean is that we won't be processing which have been answered or not until after the transition.

Please take a little time over the next few days to take a look at the Delicious page. Everything will be categorized by tags, which are further categorized into bundles. You'll find these in the side bar on the right. There are also search functions to help you find what you need.

What would help us out a lot is if, when you have questions, you leave them in a comment here. There's so many things me and the Code Monkeys are juggling, we can't catch everything. I'll do my best to solve any problems and answer your questions, and those are the basis that I'll use to construct a new section on the FAQ.

I really think that this new method of archiving will make things easier and a little bit better for everyone. The process of entering prompts as bookmarks is quicker this way, I think sorting for completed Lonely Prompts will be smoother, and there's a few new functions that we'll be able to apply.

For instance, one of the new tags that we're using is a theme tag.

ETA: I almost forgot! Because of how the tagging system works on Delicious, it'd really help us out if, with RPS, you start using the fandom it spawns from when you can. I know some RPS is just a total jumble. But if it's CWRPS or Lotrips or Wolverine RPS or whatever, please use that label. This will make it easier on us to code them in, and easier for you to find them later. Thanks!

As a caveat, CWRPS encompasses Supernatural RPS. Also, if it's more than one RPS fandom blended together, you don't need to list it as a crossover - just RPS is fine. :)

And that's it for now. Stay tuned for amara_m's announcement of the contest winners, and happy writing!
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