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Mod!Post - Slight Format Change

Greetings everyone!

Wow, what a first week we've had! I'm thrilled and tickled and blown away by the response. The number of fandoms represented, the variety of pairings and prompts, all make me feel all glowy inside!

One draw back to the awesome though has been that we have a huge list of Lonely Prompts and with every day this list gets longer.

So, your mods and code-monkeys talked and we're going to make a small change to the way we handle things here.

We are going to extend our weekends to include Friday. Friday and Saturday will be our Free-For-All days, while Sunday will be Adopt a Lonely Prompt Day.

What this means is that Guest Hosts will only have to come up with themes for four days instead of five. Your Mods will continue to man the weekend duties. We hope that this will help us to keep the Lonely Prompts list from growing to Godzilla sized proportions.

As always, we are in need of guest hosts. We have an opening the week of Jan 25-29. We also need hosts for the last half of February. If you would like to volunteer to host, please visit the Welcoming Post to sign up. Our Calendar Monkey is on vacation, but will be back by tuesday, ready to make sure our Hosts are signed up and given posting access to the comm.

Thank you everyone for making this adventure a success!
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