Lizet Elaine (simplyn2deep) wrote in comment_fic,
Lizet Elaine

Reward banners and icons for the Lonely Prompts Week Challenge

I'm late in posting these, and for that I'm sorry. I've had the graphics since April 11 but RL kept getting in the way of posting them.

Thank you so much goes to evil_little_dog for the banners and leni_ba and reeby10 for the icons.

Banners for ohmanishipit, daria234, and reeby10 can be found below the cut. They also should have gotten their 10, 20, and 30 amount tokens. Share your banner with pride! You participated and won the March Lonely Prompts Week Challenge!



Icons for all participants, including the top 3 winners, can be found below the cut. Pick the one you like and use it with pride! You participated in the March Lonely Prompts Week Challenge!
thesmallhobbit     katleept     isdon_isgood9
doreyg     evil_little_dog     ohmanishipit
creepy_shetan     mtxref_fic     caz251
daria234     leni_ba     oh_mcgee
reeby10     healyg     imera
tigriswolf     likewinning     funnigalore
marlex     rett_chan     peppermint_wow

01. comment_fic_participation_26 02. comment_fic_participation_25 03comment_fic_participation_24

04. comment_fic_participation_23 05. comment_fic_participation_22 06. comment_fic_participation_21

07. comment_fic_participation_20 08. comment_fic_participation_19 09. comment_fic_participation_18

10. comment_fic_participation_17 11. comment_fic_participation_16 12. comment_fic_participation_15

13. comment_fic_participation_14 14. comment_fic_participation_13 15. comment_fic_participation_12

16. comment_fic_participation_11 17. comment_fic_participation_10 18. comment_fic_participation_9

19. comment_fic_participation_8 20. comment_fic_participation_7 21. comment_fic_participation_6

22. comment_fic_participation_5 23. comment_fic_participation_4 24. comment_fic_participation_3

25. comment_fic_participation_2 26. comment_fic_participation_1

Thank you, again, everyone who participated! I think it was a huge success and look forward to another round of Lonely Prompts week Challenge June 22-26! We have some great themes picked for this one!
Tags: !challenge, !lonely prompts, !rewards

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