myinkyfingers (myinkyfingers) wrote in comment_fic,

Thursday - Things you can do with your mouth

G'day folks, I'm myinkyfingers and I have been your guest host for this week.

Being Thursday, this is my last theme for the week. Thanks so much for having me, I've had a great time.

Today's theme is "things you can do with your mouth". This includes (but is not limited to) licking, biting, kissing, speaking, shouting, singing, eating... I'm sure you get the idea, so go wild, but please remember the rules below.

Remember for the sanity of the code monkeys:
Fandom(/s), pairing, prompt

RPS, Steve/Chris, can you say the words?
Primeval, Becker/Connor, Connor is speachless

A couple of rules to remember:
- No more than three prompts per fandom and no more than five prompts in a row. If one of your prompts is answered, then you can leave another one. Just try not to overdo it and space out your prompts for the day.
- No spoiler prompts until after a week since the episode has aired. And, if your ficlet contains spoilers, insert a clear warning and leave three spaces.

Nothing here you like? No problem, check out the Lonely Prompts for something to adopt (this link will now take you to the all new, super-dooper delicious archive).


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