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Monday: Slave Fic

Greetings and Felicitations:


This is[info]just_imriel, your guest host for the week. Let’s start Monday off with a bang (and hopefully a whimper or two) with some good ol’ fashiioned Slave Fic . Chains both literal and metaphoric;  Fun and games or deadly earnest, or something that blurs the lines. Whatever strikes your fancy.



And of course, our usual rules apply:

No spoilers in your prompts until at least a week after air date - and please remember the UK - US lag time for BBC (we're only just getting Torchwood this week over here and Dr Who on Sat.).

Don’t forget to give us SPOILER ALERTS!!! and leave at least three spaces, where appropriate.

Please no more than 5 prompts in a row, and no more than 3 per fandom at a time. If someone responds to your prompt, you can prompt again.

And, since every week should be ‘Support Your Local Codemonkey Week’, please to write your prompts as

fandom, pairing/pairing, prompt  or fandom/fandom, pairing/pairing, prompt for crossovers. Like this:



Highlander/Author’s Choice, Methos/Author’s Choice,  Methos has had some experience with this sort of thing..


The Sentinel, Jim/Blair, Establishing the ground rules


Firefly, dark!Mal/Simon, “It’s gonna take more than a few stitches to pay for passage, pretty boy.”



If you don't see anything today that strikes your fancy, take your own trip on over to Lonely Prompts and take a look. Research has shown that anwered Lonely Prompts are less likely to drop out of school, work at minimum wage jobs, and enter the prison system…

Theme = SlaveFIc



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