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Wednesday: Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics

Happy Wednesday, All. [info]just_imriel here.

Todays theme:  Lies, Damned lies and Statistics.

Little white ones and whoppers and everything in between.

Lies meant to hurt or meant to heal.  Lies even the liar begins to believe...

Let's have our favorite (or least favorite) characters prevaricate, dissemble, decieve, misdirect, evade, distort, defame, mislead, perjure, pervert, concoct, distract, dupe, eqivocate, exaggerate, fabricate, misinform, fib, fudge...

Ah, you get the picture. There's a reason there are so many synonyms...everyone does it.  Of course, whether they get away with it is up to you!

As always, our usual rules apply:

No spoilers in your prompts until at least a week after air date - and please remember the UK - US lag time for BBC.

Don’t forget to give us SPOILER ALERTS!!! and leave at least three spaces, where appropriate.

Please no more than 5 prompts in a row, and no more than 3 per fandom at a time. If someone responds to your prompt, you can prompt again.

Be kind to Codemonkeys, and write your prompts as fandom, pairing/pairing, prompt or fandom/fandom, pairing/pairing, prompt for crossovers. Like this:

Bones/NCIS, Boothe/DiNozzo, "We've never met."

Leverage, Nate/Eliot, "I'm not a thief."

RPS, JDM/Author's Choice, "I haven't missed you at all."

Last but not least, if none of this rings true, you can always look through our Lonely Prompts for inspiration. They won't steer you wrong. Honest.

Theme = LiarLiar


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