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Getsuyoubi ✎ (Canon Compliant) Missing Scenes

Hello and welcome, everyone~! =^.^= I'm creepy_shetan, your (fifth-time) host this week, and I'd like to wish you a Happy Pi Day and a Happy White Day! ❤ May you enjoy any variety of pie and some white chocolate (or marshmallow), but it's probably best to stay away from a hybrid dessert...

Today's theme: missing scenes. Prompts should focus on gaps in storytelling or events that were never shown to the audience directly. Please try to keep prompts and fills compliant with canon (no AUs today -- save 'em for tomorrow! ~_^).

A reminder of the rules:
✦ Use the full names of the fandom(s) and character(s) in your prompts
✦ No more than five prompts in a row per day
✦ No more than three prompts per fandom per day
✦ If one or more of your prompts is filled today, then you may prompt again
✦ Include a clear warning for any possible triggers in prompts and fills
✦ For prompts, no spoilers until one month after the airdate/release (use a spoiler tag to hide part or all of the text)
✦ For fills, warn for spoilers clearly, and either leave blank space before the text or hide the text under a spoiler tag

Please remember to use the proper format for prompts.
➔ ➔ ➔ Fandom [/ Crossover], Character [+ or / Relationship], Prompt
Again, please include the full names of the fandom(s) and character(s). This is so that unfilled prompts can easily be added to the Lonely Prompts Spreadsheet and be found through manual search.

For a single fandom:
✧ Kingsman: The Secret Service (movie 'verse), Harry Hart + or / Merlin, Merlin visiting Galahad alone (before and/or after he regains consciousness)
✧ Falling Skies, Ben Mason (+ any), (series finale or post-canon) his decision to keep or to remove his spikes (and how others react)

For multiple fandoms / crossovers:
✧ Grimm/Leverage, Eliot Spencer + Rosalee Calvert(/Monroe + any), Eliot went to the spice shop

We are now using AO3 to keep track of filled prompts. If you fill a prompt and (cross-)post it to AO3, please add your story to the Bite Sized Bits of Fic from 2016 collection. More information on this can be found here.

If the plot bunnies aren’t biting you today, feel free to check out our Lonely Prompts Spreadsheet (ever a work in progress) or the community's archive calendar. Another prompt archive (and recent work in progress by comm members) is here. You can also find prompts to write (and fills to read) with LJ’s advanced search options by limiting keyword results to comments posted in this community. (We exist on delicious as well, but it's rather dusty.)
While the above are available options, the simplest method might be to bookmark prompts that you like as you find them and return later when inspiration strikes.

Y'all ready? Let's get this week started~! ♫

tag="Missing Scenes"

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