major pip (pipisafoat) wrote in comment_fic,
major pip

Tuesday: Water

Good morning! I'm pipisafoat, here for the second day of your week.

Today, let's think about water. Drinking water, swimming pools, water in a flower vase, ice... Any kind of water you can think of, let's get some fic for it!

Remember: No more than five prompts in a row, no more than three per fandom per prompter. You can always come back later and add more once yours have been answered. Be aware of SPOILERS! Please, please, please put a spoiler alert and at least three spaces.

Don't forget to format your prompts correctly:
Harry Potter, Harry/Ginny, You bathe naked, so why don't you swim naked?
House, Chase/Foreman, drank too much before surgery
NCIS/SGA, author's choice, It's one measly island. How hard can it be?

Have at! And if nothing here strikes your fancy, be sure to check out the Lonely Prompts.


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