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free for all

Here's the free for all.

As ever, the rules are:

*No more than five prompts in a row.
*No more than three prompts in the same fandom.
*No spoilers in prompts for a month after airing. Use a spoiler cut as needed.
*If you know the character's full name, use it. Also, give the fandom's complete name, too.
*If your fill contains spoilers, warn and leave plenty of space.

There's also a new rule now: if something in the fill could be a trigger, please have a note to warn for it.

Have fun!


Apr. 16th, 2016 04:40 pm (UTC)
any, any, discovering someone's hidden wound or illness
Apr. 18th, 2016 12:04 am (UTC)
Fill. Stargate: Atlantis, John Sheppard/Elizabeth Weir, Jennifer Keller. Lifeline AU.
The landslide had been unexpected, of course, because really, who expects a landslide?

Maybe Landslide Man. John could already hear the voiceover: “Able to predict an on-coming disaster with startling accuracy, able to find buried victims in the blink of an eye, able to...”


“Was I saying that out loud?”

Jennifer eyed him carefully. “I'm just going to assume you got a good whack to the head during the landslide itself, but did you lose consciousness at all? Double vision? Headache?” she stopped herself and sighed, “You know what, it doesn't matter. You're getting bumped to the head of the line for a scan.”

“Aw, doc, I'm fine.”

She held up his bandaged-but-bleeding-through-the-dressing hand by the wrist, then thumbed an old scar. “See this? This is why Carson and I now ignore when you say you're fine.”

He tried The Look.

“Ha. I give you a B on the execution but an A for effort.” She turned only partly away from him and told Marie, “Stay with John until I've got the scanner set up for him.”

“Sure,” Marie replied, an almost maniacal look on her face—the look Rodney referred to as, “You're in my clutches now”—then added, “Carson's almost done with Rutherford and no one else is critical.”

Keller nodded, took a few steps, then tossed back, “Sit on him if you have to.”

“I swear... I'm not going to run!”

Carson yelled from further down the infirmary, “You've said that before! And then I found you vomiting your bloody spleen!”

It had been years ago, after the Schism: the Vanir had come for Rodney and Jeannie, and John, once he'd reached the world they were being held on, had taken a shock to the gut in the effort to shut down the Attero Device. He'd ignored Carson's orders to stay in bed and taken off for his own home, when he'd been overcome by a combination of drugs, pain, and stress, and he'd wound up on his knees on an upper level balcony, puking into the water below. (He still hoped he'd hit the water and that sanitation hadn't lied out their ass when he'd asked them later.)

Back then, however, he'd been young, stubborn, and in a different state of mind.

Which wasn't to say he knew better nowadays nor was it to say he was less stubborn, but Elizabeth counted on him to come home and that often enough was the only reminder he needed to do as Carson and/or Jennifer instructed. Hell, it was even a reminder to keep his sessions with the psych department: seeing her smile every morning that he managed to stay in their bed after a nightmare was worth the anxiety he spilled to Kate after.

Jennifer returned, interrupting his thoughts with a stern, “Let's go, Landslide Man. Time to get down with my scanner,” and half-dragged him to the other bed.

“And then I can go home.”

She shook her head. “Thanks for playing, but you're going to have to accept a consolation prize in the form of overnight observation for the concussion and some pain management for the broken ribs,” and then, “I'll let Elizabeth know you're here for the night.”

Sighing, John went limp on the bed and muttered, “I know care for concussions and ribs... it's...” he paused, “it's date night.”

“Oh, is it? I'll set you up a nice private room if you promise not to be a screamer.”

“You're evil.”

“Part of the training. ER rotation, peds rotation, torture rotation, neuro. It's the best part of the internship.”

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