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Adopt A Lonely Prompt Sunday

Welcome to our first weekly Lonely Prompt Day!

The rules today are going to work a little differently than the rest of the week.

Firstly: Today, comments have been turned off. We're not taking new prompts today. Instead, we want you to head on over to the Lonely Prompt Index and write for the prompts (and prompters) that haven't gotten any love. The list grows exponentially by the day, after all, and every prompt ought to have a home!

So, off you go, and have fun!

Secondly: We want to show off the hard work that people have done when no one was looking. Lonely Prompts that get answered don't get any attention, besides from the prompter, and that just doesn't seem like any fun, does it? So, linked below are answered Lonely Prompts from the past week. Take them for a spin, try them on, and don't forget to thank the brilliant writers who took the time to share their words.

(Also, I apologize to those that answered Lonely Prompts before we set this into motion - we didn't have the records to acknowledge you. But we appreciate you anyway!)

Leverage, Nate/Eliot, priest
Leverage RPS, Chris/Aldis, trailer
Lotrips, Bean/Orlando, fight
Lotrips, Viggo/Orlando, dance
BDS/SPN, Murphy/Dean, belief
Lotrips, Viggo/Bean, peanut butter
Supernatural, Dean/Sam, repeated interruptions
the nightmare before Christmas, jack/sally, moonlight
BHD, Hoot/Eversmann, late
Leverage, werewolf!eliot/Dom!Nate, pack leader
SGA RPS, David/Joe, unexpected dog tag fetish
RPS/The Black Donnellys, Christian Kane/Tommy Donnelly, whiskey
Entourage, Vince/E, business suits
Heroes, Mohinder/Sylar, powercut
Merlin, Morgana/Arthur, dreams come crashing down
Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, sex after a tournament trying (and failing) to be careful of Arthur's bruises
Leverage, Eliot/Parker, feather boa
RPS, Chris/Jeff, silk boxers
LotR RPS - Karl Urban / Orlando Bloom + Will Turner's boots
RPS, Jason Momoa/Karl Urban, leather pants
Lotrips, Miranda Otto/David Wenham, sexy negligee
TW, Jack/Ianto, "the one time we can be together"

And thanks again to everyone for another great week! Have a happy Sunday!
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