Lizet Elaine (simplyn2deep) wrote in comment_fic,
Lizet Elaine

Backup Community on DW

In light of Russia now having more, if all of LiveJournal's servers, there is a back up of this community on DreamWidth.

[community profile] comment_fic

The DW community is where we will be backing up this community on a weekly basis. You do not need to have an account there to leave comments as they accept OpenIDs, meaning, if you have an LJ account, you can post comments there using that account information.

Keep in mind that if you leave a comment there, it will not show up here. However, if you leave a comment here, it will eventually show up there...when we do the community backup every weekend.

When the time comes for us to have to post only to the DW community, the same rules apply there as they do here. Posting access will only be given to moderators/administrators and weekly guest hosts.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them here and I or one of the mods will try to answer them to the best of our ability.
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