Amara (ravensword) wrote in comment_fic,

Monday - Crack!

Greetings comment fic lovers! I'm here with a last minute pinch hit while we sort out some things.

Today is Monday, and to drive out those monday blues, I thought we'd go with some good old fashioned Crack.

Yes, you heard me. Make us laugh until we cry. Put all our favorite characters into ridiculous situations, muddy them up, impregnate them, put them in spandex or give them a whacky disease that makes them tell the truth...or nothing but lies, turn them into puppies or unicorns, puppets, make them invisible, give them weird super powers...bring it on!

Follow the rules, and please format your prompts properly:

Supernatural, Sam/Dean, Dean suddenly has the ability to make men naked with a thought. But only men he's attracted to.

Leverage, Eliot/Nate/Hardison, Eliot can only tell the truth, Hardison can only lie, somehow they have to make Nate believe them

RPS/Leverage/Angel, Chris Kane/Eliot Spencer/Lindsey, Chris & Lindsey are invisible and following Eliot around

Go forth and fic!

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