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Monday's Theme: Threesomes & Morsomes

Hi there! I'm telesilla and I'll be your guest host for the week. Hopefully the themes I've come up with will inspire both prompts and porn.


Okay then, let's start the week out with some wretched excess. Why write about just John and Rodney when they're part of a really hot team? Yeah, Jared and Jensen can get up to some fun, but why not throw Jeff and/or Chris in there for good measure? Established relationships or first time fun, kinky or not, let's see how many we can fit in a bed.

Please be kind to the code monkeys and remember the posting format: Your Fandom or Crossover, Your Pairing, "Your prompt". One prompt per comment.


SGA, John/Rodney/Ronon/Teyla, "no really, it's an old Satedan custom"

SPN RPS, Jensen/Jared/Jeff, "two boys are better than one"

Yes, more than one writer can write to a prompt and yes, you may write something for your own prompt, if you like.

And remember, if nothing here grabs your fancy, you can always head over to the Lonely Prompt List and give a lonely prompt a home.
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