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Firday - Free For All

Here we are to Friday! Where did the week go?

Today is a free-for-all day. Any prompt, any fandom, any pairing, any anything. Go nuts, within reason. Remember to prompt by the rules, no more than three prompts in any one fandom, no more than five in a row.

In this season of new shows and season premiers, it is important to remember that not everyone gets to watch shows as they air. No spoilers in the prompts for at least a week following the air/publication date. If your fic contains spoilers, please warn at the beginning of your comment and leave at least three spaces between your warning and your fic.

Format your prompts properly and give our code monkeys something to work with.

SG1, Jack/Daniel, Post "Evolution" Jack helps Daniel recover
Leverage/Criminal Minds, Eliot Spencer/Spencer Reid, "He's not as fragile as you think"
RPS, JDM/Samantha Ferris, tender

As always, if nothing here strikes a chord with your muses, there is always the Lonely Prompt Index. Show a little love for a lost and lonely prompt!

Above all, have fun. And have a wonderful Friday!
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