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Tuesday | Euphemisms

Hey folks, I'm the white rabbit and yes I'm late [info]spae and I'll be your guest host for the rest of this week. Sorry for missing you all yesterday. XD

Today's theme is euphemisms. Broadly speaking, euphemisms are used to make offensive or taboo language more palatable to the hearers, though they can be used to almost any effect. Check out wikipedia's infodump, use well known examples, make up your own or try the crazy generator. Today's theme is all about word play, so get silly creative!

A wee reminder about making it fun for everyone - including the coders ;)
  • Please leave a maximum of 5 prompts (3 max per fandom) - then if one of your prompts is answered, you can prompt again. :D

  • Respect those who haven't been able to see the new episodes yet - please do not use SPOILERS in your prompts until the week after the episode has aired!

  • If your story has SPOILERS - please warn for it in bold and leave at least 3 spaces
You can remind yourself of the posting rules here.

Posting format is as follows [you all know this, right? Just bear with me ^^]

Single fandoms ~
NCIS, Gibbs/DiNozzo, scuttlebutt
SGA, Sheppard/McKay, hitting a home run

Crossovers ~
RPS/Dollhouse, handler!Steve/doll!Chris, wearing his heart on his sleeve
Firefly/Star Trek XI, Mal/Kirk, firing on all thrusters

Not seeing anything you fancy? Take a trip down the back alleys looking for lonely prompts in need of some lovin' ... ;)

Have a great Tuesday - and happy ficcing!


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