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Contest Winners, More About Tagging and Some Modliness

First and foremost, congrats to our winners from this weekend's contest.

Our big winner was pervyficgirl, with 61 answered prompts answered.

Our honorable mention goes to yoruichiyoshi for answering prompts in 10 different fandoms.

Graphics by charlies_dragon

Second, we are still looking at the poll responses and the tagging options. As always we are trying to come up with the best options for our users and our code monkeys. Please bear with us as we discuss it and implement whatever changes we decide are best for us.

Third, we need volunteers! Please see our Head Code Monkey's post earlier today to see what we're looking for. The more Lonely Prompt sorters we have, the less work the sorting is.

On the subject of volunteers, I'm looking to add another mod to the team. If you're interested in helping out our team, drop me a note via private message. A Mod's duties include hosting one weekend (Friday through Sunday) per month, helping with contest posts, counting and awards posts, filling in when a guest host can't do their post and other various and sundry duties, including helping us with decisions to benefit the community.

And lastly, a few little reminders;

Please remember to thank the person who writes for you, especially when they write a lonely prompt you left. It helps encourage them to write more.

Please invite your friends to join us. New writers make us happy!

Please remember your mods and code monkeys don't know every fandom and try to use a certain level of consistency when posting prompts. When posting for RPS, try to use first and last names, and where possible list the fandom as "fandom RPS"...for example "Kane RPS" or "Leverage RPS" or "Stargate SG1 RPS".

Be kind to your hard working code monkeys and format your prompts correctly.

Be kind to your fellow prompters, and follow the posting rules.

Okay, that's enough modliness for me for now. *waves*
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