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Sunday - Adopt a Lonely Prompt Day

Okay, so I fail as a mod for waiting this late to post. *facepalm* At least there weren't any people ready to shoot me... right? hello?

... *hides behind something large*

For those of you traveling home from wincon today, PLEASE STAY SAFE! And I've heard loads of goodies from various sources. Be forewarned, I have a feeling we're going to have loads of cracktastic stuff coming this week.

Since this is Sunday, however, today is another Adopt a Lonely Prompt Day.

All of our lonely prompts can be found here at our delicious account, or with links here.  

Just a reminder - this weekend is NOT a contest weekend, so please do not actually post links to this post.  

Also, a quick reminder of the rules for posting again - 

If your story has SPOILERS - please warn for it in bold and leave at least 3 spaces.

Have fun! 
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