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Friday Free For All

Welcome, boys and girls, to your Friday Free For All. It's been another fabulous week - the turn out each day seems to be better and better! I am so pleased with the number of fandoms represented and the new ones I keep finding!

Let's keep the ball rolling, shall we? Anything goes today, of course - any fandom or crossover, any pairing or grouping, any prompt.

Please help the code monkeys maintain their sanity and remember to format your prompts:
For a single fandom: Fandom, Pairing, Prompt
Example: Supernatural, John/Mary, Impala

For a crossover: Fandom/Fandom, Pairing, Prompt
Example: Leverage/SPN, Eliot/Dean, Pool

And if nothing's jumping up and catching your attention, feel free to head on over to our Lonely Prompts section.

So, go forth and prompt! Write! And I have a happy Friday!
Tags: !lonely prompts, fandoms: battlestar galactica, fandoms: being human, fandoms: bones, fandoms: boondock saints, fandoms: btvs/ats, fandoms: burn notice, fandoms: chuck, fandoms: criminal minds, fandoms: csi, fandoms: dark angel, fandoms: doctor who, fandoms: firefly, fandoms: forever knight, fandoms: harry potter, fandoms: leverage, fandoms: lotr, fandoms: merlin, fandoms: ncis, fandoms: numb3rs, fandoms: pysch, fandoms: reaper, fandoms: smallville, fandoms: stargate atlantis, fandoms: stargate sg-1, fandoms: the sentinel, fandoms: torchwood, fandoms: x-files, prompts: authors choice, prompts: crack, prompts: crossovers, prompts: femme, prompts: free for all, prompts: heroes, prompts: het, prompts: het: bsg rpf, prompts: het: cw rpf, prompts: het: lotr rpf, prompts: het: misc rpf, prompts: kink/fetish, prompts: misc, prompts: one word, prompts: original, prompts: rps: bsg, prompts: rps: cw rps, prompts: rps: kane, prompts: rps: lost, prompts: rps: lotrips, prompts: rps: misc, prompts: rps: sga/sg-1, prompts: scifi centric, prompts: slash, prompts: supernatural, prompts: threesomes

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