Amara (ravensword) wrote in comment_fic,

Saturday Free For All

Pardon my lateness, I completely over slept!

So let's get to it shall we? Anything goes today, of course - any fandom or crossover, any pairing or grouping, any prompt.

Please help the code monkeys maintain their sanity and remember to format your prompts:
For a single fandom: Fandom, Pairing, Prompt
Example: Leverage, Eliot/Nate, distance

For a crossover: Fandom/Fandom, Pairing, Prompt
Example: Buffy/SPN, Faith/Dean/Sam, improvise

And remember, there's lots of lonely prompts looking for some love, so if nothing on today's list tickles your muses, head on over to the Lonely Prompts section. The Lonely Prompts section has grown, so scroll down the page, past the indexes, to find the list.

So, go forth and prompt! Write!
Tags: !lonely prompts, fandoms: battlestar galactica, fandoms: being human, fandoms: bones, fandoms: boondock saints, fandoms: btvs/ats, fandoms: burn notice, fandoms: chuck, fandoms: criminal minds, fandoms: csi, fandoms: dark angel, fandoms: doctor who, fandoms: firefly, fandoms: forever knight, fandoms: harry potter, fandoms: leverage, fandoms: lotr, fandoms: merlin, fandoms: ncis, fandoms: numb3rs, fandoms: pysch, fandoms: reaper, fandoms: smallville, fandoms: stargate atlantis, fandoms: stargate sg-1, fandoms: the sentinel, fandoms: torchwood, fandoms: x-files, prompts: authors choice, prompts: crack, prompts: crossovers, prompts: femme, prompts: free for all, prompts: heroes, prompts: het, prompts: het: bsg rpf, prompts: het: cw rpf, prompts: het: lotr rpf, prompts: het: misc rpf, prompts: kink/fetish, prompts: misc, prompts: one word, prompts: original, prompts: rps: bsg, prompts: rps: cw rps, prompts: rps: kane, prompts: rps: lost, prompts: rps: lotrips, prompts: rps: misc, prompts: rps: sga/sg-1, prompts: scifi centric, prompts: slash, prompts: supernatural, prompts: threesomes

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