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Contest Prize images and completed prompts!

Hey everyone! The prize banners are in for the contest two weekends ago. Here be the shiny:


Animorphs Jake/Tobias Rachel is in the next room with Marco and Cassie…
Animorphs Jake/Tobias realising there might be more than friendship


SPN Dean/Castiel "Hey, Cas? When you dream what do you see?"
SPN Dean/Castiel author's choice
SPN author's choice but no incest please any story that takes place in the 'The End' (2014) verse
SPN Azazel/John Sealed With A Kiss
SPN John Winchester along came mary
SPN Bobby & Weechesters Daddy's Gone a Hunt'n (Airwolf)
SPN Dean 5 things Dean did while Sam was at Stanford
SPN Dean & Sam I cut all my ties to you but that one.
SPN Dean/Castiel bubblebath
SPN Dean/Castiel day of rest

Harry Potter

Harry Potter Albus Severus/Scorpius No means no
Harry Potter Albus Severus/Scorpius ridiculous dreams
Harry Potter Dumbledore/Grindelwald realization
Harry Potter Harry/Cedric Until death take us apart
Harry Potter Petunia/Vernon gossip
Harry Potter Marauders For once the exploding cauldron wasn't their fault.
Harry Potter Lily/James reciting poetry to win her over
Harry Potter Lily/James (& Death Eaters) “Little pig, little pig, let me come in” (Three Little Pigs)


Leverage Eliot/Parker kissing in the rain
Leverage Eliot/Hardison Hardison always talks over movies
Leverage Hardison/Eliot "You are the opposite of cool, Hardison!" "Does that mean you think I'm hot?"
Leverage Nate/Eliot one more
Leverage Alec/Eliot/Parker “Roses are Red, Violets are Blue....."
The History Boys Dakin/Irwin The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost
Leverage Eliot/Nate For once Nate is the one who has to protect him
Leverage Team Chronic Hero Syndrome
Leverage Nate/Eliot "Only the madman is absolutely sure." (Robert Anton Wilson)
Leverage Alec/Eliot beaten to the punch
Leverage Nate/Eliot "Discipline" by Nine Inch Nails
Leverage Eliot/team Something for everyone
Leverage Nate/Eliot I aim to misbehave (Serenity)
Leverage Nate/Eliot Some birds arn't meant to be caged (Shawshank Redemption)
Leverage Nate/Eliot The team finds out (but what they do is up to you)
Leverage Eliot/Nate Fighting through the flu

Tin Man

Tin Man Glitch(or Ambrose)/Cain Cain isn't the only one with a kid


Marvel Deadpool/author's choice The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You
X-Men Pyro/Iceman When my time comes, forget the wrong that I've done
X-Men Pyro/Iceman before Rogue
X-Men Remy finding hope after Antarctica
Marvel Cassie Lang/Kate Bishop studying poetry for class
Marvel Bucky Barnes/Kate Bishop trip to find Cap


Angel/SPN Sam/Dean/Lindsey "Dammit, I'm not a demon, I just work for 'em."
Doom/Star Trek Reaper(Bones) if I could start again, a million miles away...
SGA/Eureka John/Rodney post-series, After the bomb thing in sixth grade Rodney was exiled to Eureka. This time he actually volunteered and he's taking John with him.
SPN/Leverage Dean/Eliot Eliot is a scrappy fighter, but so is Dean
Leverage/Psych Eliot & Shawn & Gus Gus hates it when Shawn's cousin shows up out of nowhere and scares the shit out him
Psych/SPN Shawn & Sam & Dean Shawn gives what he thinks is a fake psychic reading but it's a real ghost
SPN/RPS Winchesters/Gerard Butler "The Butler did it."


CSI Nick/Greg silly love song


Glee Puck & everyone "I'm a stud, dude. I could wear a dress to school and people would think it's cool."
Glee Kurt/author's choice his clothes are stolen after his debut as the new kicker
Glee Puck/Rachel jealousy
Glee Sue writing in her journal about her last trip out of town.


Firefly Mal/Inara how many poems do you know?


Heroes Matt/Mohinder Sonnets From the Portuguese XXI
Heroes Peter/Mohinder We Are the Music Makers
Heroes Bennet & Sylar Sylar can heal.

Star Trek

Star Trek Reboot Bones/Jim home is just another word for you (Billy Joel)
Star Trek Reboot Bones/Jim McCoy lays on the Southern charm
Star Trek Reboot Bones/Jim Bones tried to physically stop Spock from choking Jim on the bridge. It didn't go well.,
Star Trek Reboot Bones/Jim I Will Find You (Clannad)
Star Trek Reboot Bones/Jim dressing up for a diplomatic mission

Dark Angel

Dark Angel Max/Alec Putting on a show for Logan
Dark Angel Max/Alec Opposite Day
Dark Angel Alec/Logan because of the virus you can't touch her but you can touch me


Watchmen The Comedian In The Belly Of The Beast.
Watchmen Nite Owl II/Rorschach the fedora suits Dan
Watchmen Dan/Laurie (or Dan/Rorschach, if you can work it) We Will All Go Together When We Go
DCU Dick, Lian babysitting
Author's Choice author's choice A Nauseous Nocturne by Bill Watterson
DCU Tim Drake/Zachary Zatara Desperate for time alone together
DCU Tim Drake/M'gann M'orzz chocos
DCU Tim Drake/Cissie King-Jones sick in Shanghai
DCU Atlee/M'gann M'orzz Les Yay
DCU Cissie King-Jones Pregnant Hostage and/or Pregnant Badass
DCU Cissie King-Jones Temporary Blindness
DCU Cissie King-Jones archery in movies--"They're doing it wrong!"
DCU Tim Drake & Dick Grayson "I don't care if you're sorry, Dick. I don't forgive you."
DCU Cissie King-Jones, Bonnie King-Jones "You're my mother."
DCU Tim Drake/Beryl Hutchinson It was just that it looked like he needed it.'
DCU Tim Drake/Cissie King-Jones Trying to get Tim to communicate or talk about his feelings.
DCU M'gann M'orzz/Tim Drake costume party
DCU Cass Cain/Steph Brown Sleeping Beauty
DCU Tim/Beryl family picnic
DCU Tim/Beryl Game night
DCU Tim Drake/Beryl Hutchinson Tim's distracted by how good she smells.
DCU Tim Drake/Beryl Hutchinson rain


SG1 Daniel/Chaca "love is the universal language"
SG1 Jack/Ba'al control
SG1 Jack/Daniel white sweater of Ascended-ness (you know the one)
SGA Rodney/author's choice cowering in a closet
SGA Todd/John equals


Eureka Jo Lupo/Zane Donovan "Small guns, big egos, and overly critical boyfriends."
Eureka Jack/Nathan "testosterone is a great equalizer. It turns all men into morons" (Giles, Buffy season 1)
Eureka Jack/Nathan "Death cannot stop true love. All it can do is delay it for a while."


Doom Reaper the downside to immortality
Doom Reaper a soldier's a soldier and there's always a war


Smallville Lex/Clark the truth
Smallville Clark/Olive powerless!Clark Established Relationships
Smallville Clark/Bizarro two sides of the same coin


Torchwood COE!Team on the run
Torchwood Jack/Ianto karaoke
Torchwood Jack/Ianto I will always miss you.

Angel the Series

Angel Angel(us)/Lindsey owned
Angel Lindsey McDonald he can't see Angel in his review mirror but he know he's there watching him leave LA
Angel Spike/Lindsey see me for who I really am


Psych Shawn/author's choice he can hear the road calling his name
Psych Shawn/Gus home is just another word for you (Billy Joel)
Psych Shawn/Gus Gus is hurt on a job and Shawn flips out, proving how dangerous he is


Merlin Arthur after Lancelot leaves
Merlin Arthur/Lancelot monster
Merlin Arthur/Lancelot Gwen wasn't the one who cheated with Lancelot, history was only written as such to conceal the true nature of the scandal
Merlin Morgana + Arthur/Merlin "where's my garter?"
Merlin Morgana/author's choice ice
Merlin Gwen/Morgana It isn’t possible to love and to part. You will wish that it was.
Merlin Gwen/Morgana purple
Merlin Merlin/Arthur snuggling
Merlin Merlin/Arthur Camelot has a new official outfit for it's servants
Merlin Gwen/Morgana pearls
Merlin Gwen/Morgana reversal of fortunes
Merlin Merlin/Arthur Arthur gets caught dancing to Lady Gaga

Classic Disney

Aladdin Genie what it's like to be a slave to following someone else's wishes

House MD

House MD House/Wilson The first stolen fry

Desperate Romantics

Desperate Romantics Gabriel/Fred anger


Dexter Dexter and Deb Deb finds out

Vampire Diaries

Vampire Diaries Elena/Damon/Stephan I do not love you as if you were salt-rose, or topaz... Pablo Neruda

Wizards of Waverly Place

Wizards Of Waverly Place Justin/Alex My mistress' eyes are nothing like the sun

Video Games

Fire Emblem 10 Sanaki finger-tapping
Fire Emblem 6 Mildain/Percival prelude to a knighting


RPS Christian Kane/Jared getting a tattoo
Kane RPS Chris/Steve running his fingers through his hair
Kane RPS Chris/Steve sick!Steve (preferably a fever), comforting!Chris
RPS Christian Kane/Author's choice remembering his first year in LA
Kane RPS Chris/Steve "What are you doing?" "Watch the road and don´t mind me."
Kane RPS Chris/Steve Have you seen this?
Kane RPS Chris/Steve "You're wearing that?"
Kane RPS Chris/Steve say yes


Author's Choice author's choice They're just passing through
Black Lagoon Revy frilly dress
Author's choice author's choice "You know what? All this stuff- I bet the poets never actually thought of any of it when they were writing these things."
True Blood (novel series) Sookie/Eric reliving memories
Moonlight/True Blood Josef/Eric business partners
Eastwick Darryl Van Horne the past
Vampire Diaries (TV Damon & anyone "Because that is what's normal to me."
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    June 21-25 is Lonely Prompts Week and it will be a challenge week! Each day will have a different theme for you to base the prompts you fill on.…


    June 21-25 is Lonely Prompts Week and it will be a challenge week! Each day will have a different theme for you to base the prompts you fill on.…


    June 21-25 is Lonely Prompts Week and it will be a challenge week! Each day will have a different theme for you to base the prompts you fill on.…

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