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Friday: Free For All

And here we are, the weekend once more! Which brings us round to one of our favorite days, of course - the Free For All. Which means all fandoms, pairings, and prompts are good to go.

But please remember to follow the rules:

No spoilers in prompts until at least one week after publication or air date. If your story contains spoilers, you must warn in bold and leave at least 3 spaces before the story starts.

No more than 5 prompts in a row, 3 prompts per fandom. When one of your prompts has been answered, you can prompt again.

Please remember to thank the people who answer your prompt.

And please, for the love of our code monkeys, remember to format your prompts properly. For example:
Zombieland, Tallahassee/Columbus, "if y'ain't more careful, I'll show you what 55% power's like"

White Collar/Leverage, Neal/Peter/Nate, things just got complicated

Nothing here catching your fancy? You can stroll on over and check out our lonely prompts.

Also, just as a couple of reminders:
Don't forget to pimp us out for your favorite fandoms! Check here for banners, or submit more.
Interested in supporting the comm? We can accept donations for our Lonely Prompt Challenges at commentficmods@gmail.com .

Happy writing!
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