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Modly Post - Regarding Anniversaries, Guest Hosting & LJ Time Awards

Greetings folks,

I want to take a moment to thank everyone for helping make this comm so vibrant and alive! We're not far away from our one year anniversary and the number of prompts and stories written over this year, the sheer number of fandoms's overwhelming really!

As we approach the one year mark, I'm reviewing all of the bumps in the road and the things we can do to help make things better. I will be asking my mods to go over our currently posted info and rules to see if we can clarify anything and we will be adding a few new ones as well.

If you have feedback regarding existing rules, the way they are communicated or anything else regarding the behind the scenes stuff, please email us at We will take them into consideration moving forward.

One of the continuing problems we've been having is with Mondays. Sure, mondays suck, and it's easy for monday to suck all the harder when our guest host seems to forget they're on.

We make every effort to touch base with our hosts the weekend before. Please respond to our Calendar Wench when she contacts you, so we know you're on top of it.

Please post Monday's post as early as is possible, so those of us waiting and watching don't stress out for too long. If the post has not gone up by 7am PST, one of us will attempt to email you. If the post has not gone up by 8am, one of us will pinch hit for you. If we have not heard from you by 9am, you will forfeit your week. You can sign up for another week, of course.

Now, we realize, stuff happens. You can email or PM any of the mods, or the mod email, which is If you twitter, most of us do too, @ reply one of us. We're pretty accessible. Just let us know.

Now, onto another pesky topic. Those awards I haven't paid out. I do promise I will be getting to them this weekend. I will go back as far as the last time I paid a bunch and will get as many of them as I can.

The problem there is that most of the awards come out of my pocket, unless there are donations. And my pockets have been slim pickings lately. I'm scraping by on ramen and rice these days. However, I have recently received enough to at least hit some of what I owe...and I'll be doing that Saturday or Sunday, along with whatever else I can squeeze out of my paycyheck.

Think about the amount, folks. $5 every contest weekend, two weekends a month, and $15 every quarter. That's almost $200/year. And, every now and again I like to thank our hard working code and graphics monkeys as well. I love this comm and I love being able to offer anything in reward. I know it isn't much. Every dollar donated is used directly for awards. If you can spare a buck or two, the paypal address is

So...there you have it. Modliness accomplished. Back to your regularly scheduling ficcing.
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